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Weyburn Security Bank

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Welcome to the heart of downtown Weyburn where we find the Weyburn Security Bank. This was the only Saskatchewan chartered bank to operate in this province from 1910 until 1931 with 32 branch offices. Weyburn Security Bank was commissioned by a group of American investors to serve as offices for their private banking and land development operations in southern Saskatchewan. The financial operations of the company were so successful the company owners and directors applied for, and received a Canadian bank charter in 1911. During the succeeding 20 years, the Weyburn Security Bank aggressively expanded its operations in the Weyburn area.

Unfortunately, the onset of the Depression was devastating to the small, rural-based institution and in May, 1931, the Weyburn Security Bank was purchased by the Imperial Bank of Canada.

Architecturally, the design of the building reflects traditional bank institution features, giving the building a sense of security and prominence. The two-story building has a glazed terracotta facade and and is situated on a prominent corner location in Weyburn's downtown core.The use of the Classical Revival style, witnessed in the double-story pilasters with the Ionic order, decorative motifs on the facade, and prominent cornice reflects the traditional architecture of Canadian banking establishments of the period. The use of terracotta and the vertical orientation of the facade, typical of the Chicago School style, reflects the Weyburn Security Bank's desire to project a western image in its bank architecture.