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Welcome to the Weyburn Audio Walking Tour! I'm Don, and I'm super excited to take you on a tour of Weyburn!

We'll start out with a stroll through the downtown area where I'll point out some of the historical buildings that helped shape Weyburn's storied history. We'll then head to two of Weyburn's most impressive historical homes, on the way we'll take a stop at the Soo Line Historical Museum and stroll along the Souris River!

I'll show, and tell you, all about the Weyburn water tower and TC Douglas Centre... ahh show and tell.. my favorite class in school.. although I'm still a little bummed no one cared about my backyard rock collection...

Well, I promise you the tour will be way more interesting than that! We'll finish the tour up at the Weyburn Historical Village where you can learn EVEN MORE about Weyburn!

The stops are numbered, but it's just a suggestion. The experience will be very similar in any order and the audio will automatically play when you're close to a point of interest. One thing to note though, if the audio from the previous point of interest is still playing when you get close to the next one, it may not play. Don't worry though.. it's all good.. you don't have to freak out.. you can just tap on the numbered icon from the map and manually play the audio.

You'll also find the trivia challenge here! To see your total score from answering the trivia questions, just tap on the information icon on the map and tap on trivia score!

That's about it for the introduction, so let's go! Tap the map icon to see the route. The blinking blue dot is your location. I'll talk to you at the next stop!